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Afghanistan is a big Islamic Country in between within South Asia and Central Asia. It is also called the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Afghanistan Flag has black, Red and Green colors with country logo in the center. Download Afghanistan Flag HD wallpapers free.

Afghanistan country is in Asia. The official name is the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The south and east Pakistan, west Iran, northeast China, north of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are. All the countries around Afghanistan’s historical, religious and cultural ties are very deep. Most of the Muslims are. Some Basic Information of Afghanistan.

Along afghan flag find the country profile of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Country Profile Wikipedia facts:

Capital: Kabul

Religion: Islam

Area: 652,864 km2

Afghanistan population : 32,564,342 (2015)

Currency: Afghani (AFN)

Time zone:  (UTC+4:30)

Calling: code +93

Afghanistan Map:

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