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Åland Islands – Finland – Photo Country Basic Information:

Aulnd Islands Finland –  (Åland Islands) (Swedish: Åland) is a collection of islands in the Baltic Sea. Åland Islands is an archipelago in Finland between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf Botničkog. Islands are an autonomous, demilitarized province in Finland. Europe is a big continent having many countries like This. The Flag of Åland Islands is easy to make and have cool looks.

The capital is Mariehamn. Finland consists of the main island (Swedish: Fasta Åland ), with 90% of the population, and the eastern part of the archipelago with 6,500 islands at the entrance to the Bothnian Bay. Most of the population (92.4%) speak Swedish as their first language which is the only official.

The Åland Islands flag has 3 colors including Red, Yellow and Mostly blue backgrounds. The crocks of mixed red and yellow on the background make it easy to have good selection for the Aulnd Islands country.

Åland Islands Finland National Profile

The capital: Maryhamn
Official languages: Swedish
Area: 1,580 km2
Finland Population: 28,666 (2013)
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Calling code: +358e
Aland islands independence day: 1920
Motto: Islands of Peace

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