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American Samoa (American Samoa) – English American Samoa – American Samoa Balseuy Amerika Sāmoa or Samoa Amileka Sāmoa Amelika. Island subsidiary of America in South Alپasevik (Pacific), Southeast Island and independent state the name of Western Samoa. پajo پajo capital Pago Pago. The current President Barack Obama, Barack Obama, and its ruler Tojiula Tolawoono Togiola Tulafono. A population of about 68.200. Its currency, the official dollar Americanized. The official language and the English accent. Oceania’s borders are expressed in different ways. Most definitions Australian continent Flags, New Zealand, New Guinea, and South East Asia as part of the maritime areas give Oceania. Oceania islands in the lower regions of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia is divided into.

The Flag of American Samoa is navy blue color right centered with with triangle on right side with Red borders. The American Samoa flag has bald eagle clutching a war club

Flags America Samoa was adopted on 27 April 1960. This flag is the symbol of the eagle. The flag of the eagle is the bald eagle. Eagle is in flight position, the position is called volant. Kotka flag colors are the same as those in the wild. On the left, a nail is a scepter and in the right gavel is used in American Samoa ritual dances. The eagle here is a symbol of American health, and the fact that he was holding local symbols of power testifies to the friendship between the two nations. American Samoa Flag Wallpaper Photos images pictures by

The territory of American Samoa Amerika Sāmoa / Sāmoa Amelika

American Samoa National Country Profile

Motto: “Samoa, Let God Be First”
Capital: Pago Pago
Largest: village: Tafuna
Official languages: English & Samoan
Religion: Christian
Area: 199 km2
Population: 54,343 (2015)
Currency: United States dollar (USD)
Time zone: Samoa Standard Time (SST) (UTC-11)
Calling code: +1 684

Map of American Samoa:

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