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Andorra continental Europe, in the southwest of the landlocked country. On one side Spain and France are present. Europe‘s sixth smallest country is considered. It has a total area of 468 square kilometers and an estimated population of 83 in 2009.

Consists of 888 persons. The capital Andorra la Vela is at sea level, 1. 023 meters, and is ranked as Europe‘s highest capital. Kiln official language, but Spanish, French, and Portuguese are also commonly spoken. It was established in 1278. Play the role of the two princes. The President of the French Republic and the bishop of Argal.

The tourism industry is the country prosperous. More than a million tourists come here annually and no tax is taken. Although not part of the European Union that use the euro as a currency. At birth, the average life of 82 years, is regarded as the world’s second-largest. Andorra’s defense responsibility lies with France and Spain. Andorra United Nations and many other international organizations is a member.

The flag of Andorra has 3 Major and one mini logo color. Andorra Flag has yellow, red, and blue colors. The left is blue, the center is yellow and the right is Red colors. The yellow central row of yellow color has a coat of arms of Andorra in the center. The picture design of the Andorra flag is like France and Catalonia.

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Capital: Andorra la Vella
Official languages: Catalana
Independence from Aragon: 1278
Area: 467.63 km2
Population: 85,458(2014)
Currency: Eurod (EUR)
Calling code: +376

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