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The is an article about Angola Flag Picture & Country Profile by Angola The Republic of Angola is known is located in the southern part of Central Africa. In the south of Namibia, the Republic of Congo to the north, Zambia to the east, and the west is the Pacific Ocean. It is the capital of Luanda.

From the 16th century until 1975, Angola has been a colony of Portugal. Angola after independence from 1975 to 2002 has been an extremely bloody civil war. Saharan region for the production of oil and diamonds Angola comes second. The average age of children in infant mortality rates in countries around the world is one.

Peace among different raids in August 2006 there was an agreement that is still in effect. In November 1975, after the devastating civil war in Angola, which began several decades and was responsible for the murder of millions of innocents. The talks in Portugal and after intense political and social pressure armed guerrilla groups decided to establish a provisional government in January 1975. Chief of Staff of Angola‘s Armed Forces under the Defence Works. 

Angola’s army, naval, and air forces of evil are. Total workforce 1. 10. 000. Most Russian arms are used. Brazil and the West to train and check the ship’s structure are used. In terms of area, Angola is the world’s 23rd-largest country. A total area of 12. 46. 620 square kilometers. Angola and Namibia to the south, Zambia to the east, north-east Democratic Republic of Congo and in the West are the South Atlantic.

Angola’s Flag consists of one upper Red and lower black color with a yellow logo in the center. The main logo consists of a yellow half-gear traverse with a machete and crowned with a yellow star. The national flag of Angola become on independent on November 11, 1975.

The Flag of Angola: A Symbol of History

Angola’s flag is a fascinating emblem that carries the nation’s history and values. With a bold design of horizontal red and black halves, and a golden emblem at the center, the Angola flag stands out among the world’s flags.

Angola Flag’s Colors and Emblem

The red color in the Angola flag represents the blood shed for independence, and the black stands for the African continent. The central emblem is a golden gear, crossed machete, and star, symbolizing industrial workers, peasants, and socialism, respectively.

You can find the Angola flag in various formats, such as Angola flag PNG and Angola flag vector. These formats are useful for designers and anyone who wants to use the flag’s image in different projects.

Angola Flag Emoji and Wallpaper

For those looking to show their connection to Angola in a digital space, there’s the Angola flag emoji. This allows people to use the flag in texts, emails, and social media.

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The Old Angola Flag and Modern Representations

Before independence, Angola’s flag was different. The old Angola flag was a symbol of colonial rule, and its change reflects the nation’s journey towards self-determination.

In today’s world, the Angola flag is available in various formats for different uses. Whether you want to view the flag as a PNG image or a vector, or even have it as wallpaper on your device, the Angola flag is a versatile and meaningful symbol that connects people to the history and values of this vibrant African nation.

Angola (Africa) National Country Profile wiki information:

Capital: Luanda
Official languages: Portuguese
Independence from Portugal: 11 November 1975
Area: 1,246,700 km2
Population: 35,981,281(2023)
Currency: Kwanza (AOA)
Calling code: +244

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