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Armenia is the official name of the Republic of Armenia. It is a country that Eurasia in the Caucasus region. The West in Turkey, to the north of Georgia, east of Azerbaijan, and south of Iran countries are located.

The native Armenian first name for the country is Hayk’ The country’s west Turkey to the north, Georgia to the east Azerbaijan, to the south Iran, and Azerbaijan Nakhcivana the province. Eastern Europe and West Asia ‘s ubarathyavarila This country is historically black from Europe’s political, social, and cultural language.

Former Soviet Sanghapaiki now Armenia the Republic of component Armenia is blessed with an ancient cultural and political Varasadekhila. At the beginning of the fourth century AD Sana (general approval 301 CE) the state of Armenia is the Christian religion was the first state in the area that accept this. The majority of Christian religious matters are still Armeniyatila the Republic of Armenia is a secular state.

Armenia Flags:

The national Flag of Armenia (Brazilian Portuguese) or national banner of Armenia (European Portuguese) is a flag tricolor consisting of three-level stripes of red, blue and orange. It is called Yeragouyn (tricolor) in Armenian. The Armenia Flag is simple having three colors red, blue, and yellow.

There are numerous translations of the importance of the hues, however, the most acknowledged says the red symbolizes the gore by the Armenians with regard to their nation, orange symbolizes the astuteness of Armenians and blue symbolizes peace. The banner was initially the official banner of the country amid his brief autonomy after the First World War and rose again when Armenia split far from the Soviet Union. Here download Armenia Flag wallpapers hd Photos Country Profile information form wiki.
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Armenia Country National Profile:

Capital: Yerevan
Official languages: Armenian
Independence from the Soviet Union: 23 August 1990,  21 September 1991
Area: 29,743 km2
Population: 3,018,854(2011)
Currency: Dram (դր.) (AMD
Calling code: +374

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