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Here you will see latest Flag of Aruba Picture Wallpaper Country Profile for you. Aruba southern Caribbean Sea , located in a small island. North America is continent of Aruba. Aruba Island area of 33 kilometers (21 miles) in the Lesser Antilles islands in the southern Caribbean Sea at a distance of 27 km (17 miles) north of the coast of Venezuela.

And with the formation of Bonaire and Curacao group Batqal them Islands ABC in the Netherlands of the Leeward Islands, and south of the island chain of the Lesser Antilles. Aruba is part of the Kingdom of Nederland and remained a state within the Kingdom on January 1 the year 1986.

Flag of Aruba:

The flag of Aruba this works in the government since March 18, 1976. Desai consisting of various backgrounds blue young (known as Larkspur or “blue UN “), the yellow line, which were both in the bottom and star red being rectangular. The flag is enabled one. january 1986, when Aruba was split off from the Netherlands Antilles. Flag proportions of 2: 3. Download latest Flag of Aruba Picture Wallpapers hd free here.

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Aruba National Country Profile

Capital: Oranjestad
Sovereign state: Kingdom of the Netherlands
Official languages: Dutch
Religion: 81% Roman Catholic
Area: 178.91 km2
Population: 103,400 (2014)
Currency: Aruban florin (AWG)
Time zone: AST (UTC−4)
Calling code: +297

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