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Eurasia , South Caucasus is a country with the largest and most populated. East of the country, situated between eastern Europe and western Asia, the Caspian Sea in north Russia , the West, Armenia and Turkey in northwest Georgia , and south of Iran are located.

Located in southwest Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh and seven districts of Nagorno karabag 1994 after the war with Armenia in occupation. The UN ‘s Security Council four resolutions of Armenia said that he removed its forces from Azerbaijan border . There are several islands around thirty square kilometers in the area of the Caspian Sea are located. Azerbaijan is a secular republic yunytary.

The country of the Commonwealth of Independent States is, GUAM organization’s founding members and a ban on chemical weapons. Comprising United Nations also Armenia , Azerbaijan , and Georgia in the West Asian region secondary, because they fall almost entirely in that region. But in any case, these countries are also located in the Caucasus , the region that straddles both Asia and Europe, and their social and political links with them. Respectively. The Asian part of the Arab world (which includes the Arabian Peninsula ) is called the Arab Palmcherq.

Flag of Azerbaijan

Flag of Azerbaijan consists of three equal horizontal bands of blue (top), red (center) and green (lower) is. Mark white crescent and eight-pointed stars in the middle of it. Turkish heritage is blue. Red color flag as a sign of progress and moving towards democracy and modernity.

Green sign of civilization and Islamic history. The flag of Azerbaijan in the late 1910s to join the Soviet Union was used. November 9, 1918: The government of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic design flag tricolor passes. The flag after the occupation of Azerbaijan by the Soviet troops and annexed it to the country was canceled.
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Capital: Baku

Official languages: Azerbaijani

Independence from the Soviet Union: 30 August 1991 (Announced)
18 October 1991

Area: 86,600 km2

Population: 9,624,900(2015)

Currency: Manat (₼) (AZN)

Calling code: 994


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