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About Bahamas:

This is the post about Bahamas Flag Pictures Country Profile and related information about this country found in North America. in English and consists of 29 islands and 661 of the cays and islets of 2387 (rock). Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and Hispaniola ( Dominican Republic and Haiti ) northwest of Turks and Caicos Islands and southeast of the United States (nearest to the state of Florida ).

A total area of 13939 km2 (5382 square miles and is thus slightly larger than the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined) and an estimated population of 330,000 and its capital , Nassau . The Bahamas is geographically situated in the same series Cuba, Hispaniola and the Turks and Caicos Islands, usually naming the Bahamas to the Commonwealth and not the geographic chain. Bahamas residents are indigenous Taíno Alorawakjon .

The islands were first foothold for Columbus in the New World in 1492. Although the Spaniards did not colonize the colony , but they never were transferred to the indigenous inhabitants of the island of Hispaniola Island as slaves. It abandoned most of the islands between (1513-1650), when settled by colonists the British from Bermuda Eleuthera Island.

Flag of the Bahamas:

Flag of the Bahamas pictures

The Bahamas flag consists of mainly three colors. Blue yellow and black. I rely Islands Flag Bahamas 10 in July – July of 1973 and the flag of the Bahamas consists of three colors blue, yellow, and black.

  • Blue: symbolizes the surrounding of the Bahama’s Atlantic waters and the Caribbean.
  • Yellow: Armazaly the shores of the country.
  • Black: symbolizes the residents of the Bahamas and the roughly 330,000 people, according to statistics in 2009.

Bahamas Complete Country Profile:

Capital: Nassau
Official languages:E nglish
Religion: Protestant Christian
Area: 13,878 km2
Population: 321,834 (2014)
Currency: Bahamian dollar (BSD)
Time zone: EST (UTC−5)
Time zone Summer: (DST) EDT (UTC−4)
Calling code: +1 242

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