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About Bahrain:

Here we are sharing Bahrain Flag Picture & Country Profile information wiki. Kingdom of Bahrain , an island state in the Persian Gulf on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula with its capital Manama . Bahrain tied with Saudi Arabia Industrial bridge called the King Fahd Causeway , there are planned to be linked by a bridge with another territory Qatar. The Bahrain is found in the continent Asia. 

Bahrain gained its independence from Britain in 1971 and 2002 after a popular referendum on the National Action Charter became the country ‘s name Kingdom of Bahrain . From 2012, Bahrain was in (ranked 48 in the world) in the Human Development Index , and is recognized by the World Bank as an economy high income.

The country is a member of the United Nations , and the World Trade Organization , the Arab League and the Non – Aligned Movement and the Organization of the Islamic Conference , as well as one of the founding members of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States. and appointed Bahrain Major non-NATO ally by the administration of George.

National flag of Bahrain::

Bahrain flag is the national flag of the Kingdom of Bahrain . Flag consists of two colors red and white, and are separated by five triangles. Red flags that resides in some Gulf Arab states and other said that refers to the battles, while the color white represents peace as is customary. As for the five triangles, it represents the number of the pillars of Islam five.bahrain flag hd wallpaper

The oldest flag was created to represent the Al Khalifa was red in color only. In the nineteenth century, the department ofscience to the red and white colors, but without triangles. Then the two colors separated by eight triangles, it is said that it refers to the battles that took place between Bahrain and neighboring countries, or to distinguish between other countries that have had similar flags do. On 17 February , 2002 , it was changed to five the number of triangles, which represents the five pillars of Islam.

Bahrain Country Profile Wiki:

Capital: Manama

Official languages: Arabic
Other Languages: 46% Bahraini
45.5% South Asian
4.7% other Arabs
1.6% African
1% European
1.2% Other
Independence from the Soviet Union: 15 August 1971,
Area: 765 km2
Population: 1,343,000(2014)
Currency: Bahraini dinar (BHD)
Calling code: +973


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