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Bangladesh History:

Bangladesh (official name: Republic of Bangladesh) South Asia is a country. Myanmar, except for a small border with three sides, India has met its borders to the south Bay of Bengal match. India state it is a mixed Bengali their ethnic homeland.

Bangladesh means “Country of Bengal”. Bangladesh’s current borders in 1947 to partition formed on the eastern part of Pakistan as the United Kingdom is free. Pakistan both East and West 1600 between sections kilometers (thousands of miles of distance between).

Despite their common religion increased racial and ethnic gaps in both Pakistan arms, which have expanded into West Pakistan improvident government after 1971, after a bloody battle in Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh’s founding leader because of children. Bangladesh received the full support of India in the war.

Bangladesh is prone to constant political turmoil since its establishment and up to 13 different governments have come to power and at least four military takt have (martial law). Bangladesh is the seventh-largest country in the world in terms of population and nearly 144,000 is 94th in the world in terms of area of square kilometers, the world is one of the most densely populated countries with a younger population but municipalities inhabited islands are obese or have to be removed from the list of the world’s most populous country becomes the 2,639 persons 998.6 (or every square mile per square kilometer).

It is the third largest Muslim-majority country, but its population is less minority Muslims in India. Geographically from the Ganges and Brahmaputra is located on the fertile dhanun (Delta). The monsoon here because of the annual rainfall floods and storms are usual. Bangladesh Association of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and BIMSTEC founder member Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Developing 8member (D-8). See also Pakistan Wikipedia information. 

Flag of Bangladesh:

Flag of Bangladesh is fully Green with a red round circle in the center. Adopted the flag officially the Republic of Bangladesh on 17 Cannon the second – January of 1972 and consists Bangladeshi flag of a red disc on a green background which symbolizes the red disk to the sun bright as well as to the blood of those who Dhawwamn for independence, while green symbolizes the greenery of the country. Find here Bangladesh Flag pictures in HD. 

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Bangladesh Profile:

Capital: Dhaka
Official languages: Bengali
Religion: 90.0% Islam ,8.5% Hinduism, 0.6% Buddhism, 0.4% Christianity, 0.5% Others,
Area: 147,570 km2
Population: 168,957,745 (2015)
Currency: Taka (৳) (BDT)
Time zone: BST (UTC+6)
Calling code: +880

Bangladesh Maps:

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