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About Barbados :

Barbados of the Caribbean region in the nation is located. Christian religion The main religion is. English The main language is. In 1 966 in the United Kingdom from a country independent of the State, the British monarchy remains the head of the nation Commonwealth member. Parliamentary democracy and the Parliament of Barbados are two.House of Assembly in the 28 members and the Senate has 21 members. Members of both Houses is a five-year term.

Barbados Flag Design:

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Flag adopted in Barbados officially on 30 October the second – November of 1966 Barbadian flag consists of three colors are blue, yellow, and black. Tee apex, or “broken trident, symbolizes Barbadian independence from the British (the colonial emblem was depicted all tee), and each branch represents a democratic direction. The ultramarine color band symbolizes the ocean and the sky, and the golden band – Barbadian sand.

Barbados Country Profile:

Capital: Bridgetown
Official languages: English ( Recoginsed also Barbadian (Bajan Creole))
Religion: 74.6% Christian, 4.8% other, 20.6%
Area: 439 km2 (200th)
Population: 277,821 (2010)
Currency: Barbadian dollar ($) (BBD)
Time zone: Eastern Caribbean (UTC-4)
Calling code: +1 -246

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