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About Benin:

Find here Benin Flag pictures history wiki profile here. The Benin is the country of Africa. Benin officially the Republic of Benin is a country in West Africa . Bordered to the west of Togo to the east by Nigeria and NorthVburkana Faso and Niger . The Vttal from the south on the Gulf of Benin, where the majority of the population is located. The capital of Benin is Porto Novo , but theseat of government is located in Cotonou , the largest city in the country. Benin covers an area of about 110,000 square kilometers (42,000 square miles) and a population of about 8.8 million. Benin State of tropical sub – Saharan Africa is heavily dependent on agriculture , which employs a great deal of employment and income in subsistence farming. The official language of Benin is French , however commonly used indigenous languages such as Fon and Yoruba . The largest religious group in Benin are Catholic Romania , followed by Islam up close, and Alfodon and Protestants .

Benin member of the United Nations , the African Union and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Peace and Cooperation of the South Atlantic and the Francophonie and the Community of Sahel-Saharan States and the Association of African oil producers and the authority of the Niger Basin. Between the seventeenth and nineteenth rule the land of the Kingdom of Dahomey , Benin current.

Region known as the Slave Coast in the early seventeenth century due to the spread of the slave trade across the Atlantic. In 1892 the slave trade was banned and fell regional power, arose France to impose its control over the region and call it French Dahomey. In 1960, Dahomey gained full independence from France , and to establish a democratic government for the next twelve years. Between 1972 and 1990, he appeared for the existence of the dictatorship of Marxism-Leninism known as the People ‘s Republic of Benin, and entered the country in a period of repression that eventually led to the economic collapse. Benin Republic was formed in 1991 and brought with multi – party elections.

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Benin Flag Pictures & History:

I rely flag Benin current for the first time on 16 October the second – November of 1959 when they were boys under French colonialism and stayed this flag even after the country gained independence from French rule on 1 August – in August of 1960 and stayed this science in force in Benin to 1975 while the Marxist regime in the country , then replaced with the knowledge of another was a complete green in the far upper left corner of it there is a pentagonal red shape star color and after the demise of the Marxist regime from power was the use of the current flag on August 1 of the year 1990, which was in effect prior to 1975 .
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The meaning of the flag:

Green symbolizes hope.

Yellow symbolizes the wealth of the Republic of Benin.

Red symbolizes courage.


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Benin Country Profile:

Capital: Porto-Novo
Official language: French
Religion: Christian, Roman Catholic, Celestial Church of Christ, Methodist, Muslim,Vodun
Area: 114,763 km
Population: 10,879,829 (2015)
Currency: West African CFA, franc (XOF)
Time zone: WAT (UTC+1)
Calling code: +229

Map of Ben@=in:

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