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Here we are sharing Bermuda Flag Pictures HD wallpapers and short Country Profile. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the east shore of North America east-southeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, south of Cape Sable Island, Canada, and north of San Juan, Puerto Rico and lies in the north of Road Town, British Virgin Islands. The capital city of Bermuda is Hamilton.

Bermuda North Atlantic Ocean, the UK is an Overseas Territory. The United States on the east coast of Miami (Florida), only 1770 km and Halifax, Nova Scotia ( Canada ), 1350 kilometers south (840 miles) is located. It is the oldest and most populous of the British overseas territory.

Bermuda Flag:

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The national flag of Bermuda on 4 October 1910 officially put into use. The flag shows a red British banner with the island’s coat of arms on the fly. 

The use of the red flag corresponds to Canada (pre-1965) and the Union of South Africa (pre-1928) who were both red flag rather than the blue flag used in the early years of the twentieth century. Bermuda’s flag is suitable as a civil standard for ships that are registered with the Bermudagedeelte of the British Register by Bermuda’s on Handelsverskeping Act (2002).

The governor of Bermuda uses a Union Flag with the coat of arms of Bermuda in the middle of the flag. It is traditional for the governor of British overseas territories. For staatsvaandel is a blue British flag used commonly for British overseas territories.

Bermuda Country Profile:

Capital: Hamilton
Official languages: English
Religion: Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity Cathedral of Saint Theresa of Lisieux, of the Roman Catholic Church Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton in Bermuda Anglican Church of Bermuda Bishop of Bermuda
Area: 53.2 km2
Population: 64,237 (2010)
Currency: Bermudian dollar (BMD)
Time zone: AST (UTC–4) Summer (DST) ADT (UTC–3)
Calling code: +1-441

Map of Bermuda:

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