Bhutan Flag Photos & Country Profile

About Bhutan:

Bhutan (Bhutan) is the  South Asian country having great importance in the region . This country China and India is located between. It is the local name is due URL, which means “land of the dragon. It is composed mainly of a small hill in the southern part of the ground. Cultural and religious as Tibet is connected, but the geographical and political situation in the country at this time India is approaching.
Bhutan is a mountainous country that China and India are found between
Some of the Bhutan is made of food-frequency station Sanskrit word which literally means high ground.The spirit of – is bad form to end (the end of Tibet). The inhabitants of Bhutan is due – U (land of the dragon) and say darpak its inhabitants. There are also several former name of Bhutan.
At the end of the seventeenth century, the majority of Buddhists in Bhutan. In 1865 between Britain and Bhutan library agreement was signed, under which the annual grant agreement for the land border of Bhutan. Under British influence in the formation of the monarchical system in 1907.

Three years after a contract under which it was agreed that the British would not interfere in the internal affairs of Bhutan Bhutan’s foreign policy, Britain will be decided by. In this role since 1947 was India by the British. Two years later in 1949 under the deal, India India Bhutan Bhutan earth has he given it the British occupation. Under the agreement, a significant role in the foreign policy and defense policy of India to Bhutan.

Bhutan Flag:


Aware of Bhutan Includes dragon white jewel in his hand on a yellow background and orange divided into two triangles Two outputs from the division of science in italics of the bottom corner of hand corner of the flag to the attic corner from the opposite side. The Flag of Wales and the Flag of Bhutan are the only hunters who Ahoian dragon logo in informing them.

Bhutan Country Profile:

Capital: Thimphu

Official language: Dzongkha

Religion: Buddhism

Area: 38,394 km2

Population: 742,737 (2012)

Currency: Ngultrum (BTN) and Indian Rupee (INR)

Time zone: BTT (UTC+6)

Calling code: +975

Map of Bhutan:

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