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About Bonaire:

Bonaire ( Dutch: Bonaire ) is one of a group of islands Dutch Caribbean islands that are originally from the islands of the Netherlands Antilles, there are southern Caribbean Sea , near Venezuela, a subsidiary of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. An area of 294 km and a population of 15,666 people. 

Bonaire Flag:

Aware of Bonaire by a large blue triangle in the lower right corner of a small yellow triangle in the upper left corner. Adopted on December 11 , 1981. The flag of Bonaire has a large blue triangle that occupies half of the flag, with a right angle at the lower right corner. Also it has a small yellow triangle on the top left. The triangles are separated by a white stripe, which contains a compass black and a red six – pointed star.

Blue and yellow triangles represent the sea and the sun respectively while the white stripe represents the sky . The red star signifies the blood, the power of survival Bonairenses The yellow portion also represents the flowers that has the island. Most flowers originating in Bonaire is yellow as the Kibrahacha, Anglos and cactus flowers. The white color also represents peace and internationalism.

Red, white and blue colors also show loyalty to the Kingdom of the Netherlands . The compass black represents the population of Bonaire , from all over the world. The red six – pointed star represents the six original islands of the Netherlands Antilles , St. Martin , St. Eustatius , Saba , Aruba , Curacao , Bonaire .

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Bonaire Country Profile:

Capital: Kralendijk

Official languages: Dutch

Religion: Christian, Some Muslims,

Area: 294 km2

Population: 17,408 (2013)

Currency: US dollar (USD)

Time zone: AST (UTC−4)

Calling code: +599-7

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