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As Facebook’s popularity continues to grow, so does the need for new ways to advertise. It has always been common knowledge that you can advertise on Facebook by clicking ‘boost post’ when creating your post, but soon there will be an easier way. Outsiders will soon be able to purchase a spot on your profile’s cover photo! This means that any company or person looking for more exposure can have it with just a couple of clicks.

Most of the time they are not able to upload their favorite photo for their Facebook cover because it is too big. With new technology, now they are able to upload any size picture they want. This new program is called Photo Magic and is available on iTunes App Store. This is a free app that lets you crop photos to desired dimensions without sacrificing quality. You can resize an existing photo or even take one with your phone’s camera right through the app. Technology Facebook Covers 2014

New technology has brought about a new way for people to express themselves on Facebook. A company called Pixlee is now offering new cover photos that can be used to populate people’s profile pictures on Facebook, and allow them to share their own personal expressions with the world. This company offers new cover photos in various designs, patterns, and colors. They also offer more than 100 different symbols that can be arranged into custom messages.

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