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About Bolivia:

Bolivia , whose full name is the Republic of Bolivia (República de Bolivia) in Spanish, is a country in South America which borders the north and east Brazil , in the south Paraguay and Argentina in the west Chile and Peru borders. Find here Bolivia Flag Picture with Country Maps Profile completely.

Bolivia is due to name Gen. Simon Bolivar , who has sought for the liberation of the territory of South America from Spanish colonial domination, and was given a name to this part of Bolivia relative to Gen. Bolivar · Bolivia was called by that name relative to the Simon Bolivar Alkulumbay and rebellious Latin fighter who fought for the liberation of Latin America from colonialism.

The area now known as Bolivia occupied for more than 2,000 years ago when I arrived Aymara. At present, the Aymara associating themselves with an advanced civilization located in Tiwanaku, in western Bolivia. The capital of Tiwanaku dates as early as 1500 BC when it was a small village-based agricultural.  According to UNESCO standards, Bolivia got rid of illiteracy in 2008. Bolivia has a variety of private and public universities.

Flag of Bolivia:

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The flag of Bolivia with red symbolizing the blood of national heroes, Yellow represents mineral resources and the green represents the fertility of the land.  I rely aware of Bolivia on 11 July – July of 1830 and consists aware of Bolivia ‘s nine horizontal lines four green ones and five other lines are yellow and there in the science of Bolivia May in the upper left side of the flag. Bolivia in 1852 became independent and until 1851 the flag in its current accepted other kinds of flags to be used .

Bolivia full Country Profile:

Capital: Sucre

Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani, and 33 more  native languages

Religion: Freedom of religion

Area: 1,098,581 km

Population: 11,410,651 (2015)

Currency: Boliviano (BOB)

Time zone: BOT (UTC−4)

Calling code: +591

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