British Indian Ocean Territory Flag Map Country Profile

British Indian Ocean Territory ( in English: British Indian Ocean Territory) is the subordination of the British. It is a small island located in the Indian Ocean, the largest of which is Diego Garcia. Like many other peoples, the indigenous people of the territory were forcibly deported by the British government.

This occurred in 1967 in order to allow the United States to lease the area as a military base. In 2000, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom decided to give the indigenous people of those islands the right to return.

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British Indian Ocean Territory Flag Map Country Profile

The flag of the British Indian Ocean Territory was officially confirmed on 8 November 1990. The flag of the Territory is one of the few flags of British overseas territories that is not based on the blue British service flag. The waves in the flag symbolize the Indian Ocean, the palm represents the tropical island world and the crown and the Union Jack are an expression of British suzerainty. The flag has the usual proportions of 1: 2 for British flags. Officially, the flag of the Territory is used only by the British Commissioner (who resides in the British Foreign Office in London).

British Indian Ocean Territory Country Profile:

Capital: Camp Justice
Official languages: English
Religion: Mix
Area: 54,400 km2
Population: approx. 4,000 UK and US military personnel and civilian contractors on Diego Garcia (July 2006 estimate)
Currency: United States Dollar (USD; de facto), Pound sterling (GBP; de jure)
Time zone: UTC+6
Calling code: +246

Internet TLD Domain: .io

Map of British Indian Ocean Territory :

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