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About Bouvet-island:

Bouvet Island is a volcanic island in the southern polar region is inhabited in the South Atlantic 0.2525 km south – west of South Africa . Dependent territory of Norway , is not subject to the Treaty of Antarctica. In the center of the island there is a hole filled with ice from the volcano is active, known as Plateau Wilhelm II. According to some data there is a lake of lava volcanic magma inside the caldera.

Bouvet is the remotest part of the world. The nearest point to it, Queen Maud Island is located 1,600 kilometers south of Bouvet and uninhabited. Beauvais south-southwest of the Cape of Good Hope ( South Africa ) is located. The island is a relative of Norway and the Antarctic Treaty System is not includedd. 93 percent of the island with glaciers covered the south and east coast have blocked it. Beauva is is no port and easiest way to access it by helicopter from a ship is. The highest point on the island Avlavtvpn ( Chakad Olav), which is 935 m heightt. The island of life penguins, seals and sea birds is.

Flag of Bouvet-island:

The Bouvet_island Flag have tow major colours Red and Navi Blue with third white color lines.

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Official language: Setswana, English

Religion: Christianity

Area: 49 km2

Population: 0

Currency: Nil

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