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Argentina (South America):

Here is Argentina’s Flag HD Pictures Wallpaper Country Profile for the national wiki information lovers. Argentina, which is officially called the Republic of Argentina, is South America’s second-largest country. This country of 23 provinces and an autonomous city, Buenos Aires is composed. The world’s eighth-largest country geographically, and Spanish-speaking country, is the largest.

The area of Argentina Indies mountain range and the Pacific Ocean is located between. In the north of Paraguay and Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay in the northeast, while Chile is located to the south and west. Antarctica is part of the Argentine claim. Argentina is one of South America’s largest economies and the average age is high and per capita GDP. Argentina is a strong foundation for future growth.

Foreign investment and the number of exports of high-technology exports are a major part of making. Argentina United Nations, Mercosur, and South American UN core members is a member of the G20.

About Argentina’s Flag:

The flag of Argentina for the first time on February 27, 1812, was recognized. As the national flag and coat of arms are known and also have a 9:14 proportion. The logo is also used in the Flag of Uruguay. Flag-raising for the first time in Buenos Aires over the St. Nicholas Church on 23 August 1812. And it is due to choose the colors of the flag colors of hats rebels Argentines tapes source (cyan blue and white) Alsatian for Argentina’s independence from Spanish rule in the May revolution.

It created the flag of three horizontal rows and consists of two rows with a cyan color separated by a row of white and no logo Sun of May in the middle of the white grade. And a heavenly blue “sky” color and white “silver river and the clouds.” Also, it symbolizes Sun of May to the ” May Revolution “and” sun “stand-alone.

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Argentina National Country Profile wiki

Motto: “En unión y Libertad”
Capital: Buenos Aires
Official languages: Spanish
Religion: Freedom of religion (Mostly Catholic)
Area: 2,780,400 km2
Population: 43,417,000 (2015)
Currency: Peso ($) (ARS)
Time zone: ART (UTC−3)
Calling code: +54

Map of Argentina:

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